elementary 基礎

Learning basic math is elementary and needed for more advanced ideas.

intricate 複雜精細的

There are many intricate jewels placed around the bracelet.

knotty 棘手的

This entire situation is so knotty and difficult that few people would bother engaging it.

effortless 容易的

It has been an effortless journey to get there.

accessible 易接近的

The road is quite accessible from many directions.

Good morning. My name is [Peter] and I'm from the [HR division].

早安,我叫 Peter,我在 HR 部門工作。

Hello, I'm [Peter Yu] and I'm from the [Marketing division].

我是 Peter Yu, 來自市場營銷部門。

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in [Civil Engineering], from [ABC University].

我畢業於ABC 大學,擁有土木工程學士學位。